Eisuke Nakajima. Japan

I'm Eisuke Nakajima from Japan. I was a TV director of one of biggest TV production in Tokyo. But I quit because of my helth problem in 2012.

Now I live near by Kumano Kodo that is the world heritage ancient road in Japan like Camino de Santiago, and I'm making films about Kumano Kodo as my job.

So my coming to Camino was a project to make a film to associate Camino with Kumano Kodo.

Two kind men take me up on the hill and I took a nice cut of Cathedral. It was my  pleasure. The view was wonderful.

I came to think that I will go around the world and see a lot of great view not only Kumano Kodo because life is once.

One hour before the shooting, the two guys and I had two bottles of wine and some beer.  That experience brought a smile to my face.

After the trip on Camino, I came to like wine and beer. (I didn't drink but I like to now.)

映像制作 扇松屋 龍神


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