Pino. Italy.

A year ago I started for the Way that change my way of living and thinking.

I remember all of those millions of steps, more than 900km travelled and 34 days of walking, even when returning home after the last stop, I thought and said that the experience "was over there". It was not like that, I started to think about it the next day and it is still in my thoughts.

I remember it in every moment of the day and it is so annoying for the others that are next to me, but not for me.



Until 2014 I did not even know of the existence of Santiago de Compostela in Spain and the fact that thousands of pilgrims have travelled the streets to reach it every day for hundreds of years.

Then that year I followed by son in his Via de La Plata, and through the photos and writings he sent me daily I realised what an extraordinary thing he was doing and I fell in love with him, deciding that one day I would go to Santiago.

That day arrived on 22nd May 2017.

Thanks to my work colleagues who shocked me with their unforgettable surprise party before my departure.

I dedicated this trip to my family that allowed me to do it.

Saint Jean Pied de Port, France May 22nd 2017 to Finisterre, Galicia, Spain 25 June 2017.

...34 wonderful days with a smile!





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